Painting by Sjoukje Kruidhof-Lootsma


What’s in a Name? (2021).

Instrumentation: big band (alto sax (2), tenor sax (2), baritone sax, trumpet in Bb(4), trombone (4), piano, electric guitar, electric bass and drums). Length: 5 minutes.


December (2021).

Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, harp, percussion 1 (vibraphone, marimba and glockenspiel), percussion 2 (tam-tam, cymbals, triangle, wind chimes, maracas and gran cassa), violins (2), viola, violincello and contrabass. Length: 5 minutes.


Travellers (2021).

Instrumentation: ‘multi-percussion’ duet. Length: 6 – 7 minutes.


Ik bij jou of jij bij mij? (2021).

Instrumentation: electric guitar & violin. Length: 6 minutes.


Hidden Light (2020).

Instrumentation: three violas or three violins. Length: 11 minutes. Also arranged for 6 violas or violins.


Lumina (2020).

Instrumentation: viola & voice, piano, basa, drums. Length: 6 minutes.


Er is altijd wel ergens een vogel die jazz zingt…  (2020).

Instrumentation: flute, violin, guitar, piano, bass and percussiion. Length: 9 minutes.


Wervelwind (2020).

Instrumentation: violin solo. Length: 1 minute.


Storm in a Teacup (2020). 

Instrumentation: solo guitar (electric), flute (2), clarinet (2), bass clarinet, alto sax, ten sax, bar sax, ten trombone (2), bass trombone, trumpet (2), percussion (2), drums, piano, keyboards, electric bass and strings (3 2 2 2 1). Length: 9 minutes.


Gedachtengang (2020).

Instrumentation: viola and jazz drums. Length: 10 minutes.


Mass for soprano and piano (2020). 

Instrumentation: soprano and piano. Length: 20 minutes.


Claire Obscure (2019).

Instrumentation: classical guitar and cello. Length: 9 minutes.


Three Metamorphoses (2019).

Instrumentation: piano solo. Length: 12 minutes.


Plastic Soep (2019).

Instrumentation: soprano, piano, cello. Length: 5 minutes.


As by the dead we love to sit (2019).

Instrumentation: mezzo-soprano, piano, percussion. Length: 5 minutes.


Contradictio In Tres Partes (2019).

Instrumentation: viola solo. Length: 10 minutes.


Zwermen (2018).

Instrumentation: string orchestra (3, 2, 2, 1, 1) and harpsichord. Length: 5 minutes.


Het komt door het weer… Vijf Miniaturen. (2018) 

Instrumentation: soprano saxophone, bass trombone and marimba. Length: 10 minutes.


Dropped in the Desert (2018).

Instrumentation: violin and organ. Length: 10 minutes.


Wij (2018)

Instrumentation: violin and piano. Length: 7 minutes.


The Boy Without Shoes (2018)

Instrumentation: string quartet. Length: 10 minutes.


Riffs Don’t Lie (2018)

Instrumentation: electric guitar, violin, cello, double bass and drums. Also arranged for electric guitar, viola, cello, electric bass and drums. Length: 12 minutes.



Daedalus & Icarus (2017) 

Instrumentation: piano solo. Length: 8 minutes.


Vioolconcert no. 1 (2017)

Instrumentation: violin solo, flute (2), oboe (2), clarinet, bassoon (2), trumpet (2), horn, (bass) trombone, percussion, harp, vibraphone and strings.

Length: 20 minutes.


Vibes (2017)

Instrumentation: violin solo, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax (2), trumpet (2), trombone and strings. Length: 7 minutes.



Agnus Dei (2016)

Instrumentation: organ and violin. Also arranged for piano and violin and arranged for string orchestra. Length: 9 minutes.


Chopping Tango (2016)

Instrumentation: violin, piano, cello en bandoneon. Also arranged for string quartet and tenor sax. Length: 6 minutes.


Ceci n’est pas Musique (2016)

Instrumentation: viola solo. Length: 5 minutes.



Bell Ringer Blues (2015)

Instrumentation: piano solo. Length: 6 minutes.


De Bootvluchteling (2015)

Instrumentation: violin solo. Length: 6,5 minutes.


Seductive Woman (2015)

Instrumentation: string quartet, double bass, tablas and percussion. Length: 5,5 minutes.


Tears of Joy (2015)

Instrumentation: harp solo. Length: 4 minutes.


Our Treehouse (2015)

Instrumentation: piano, string quartet and double bass. Length: 15 minutes.


The Wedding Vibe (2015)

Instrumentation: violin and accordion. Length: 5 minutes.



Mon Livre Rouge (2014)

Instrumentation: piano solo. Length: 10 minutes.


Hope (2014)

Instrumentation: string quartet and double bass. Length: 3 minutes.


Narrator (2014)

Instrumentation: string quartet. Length: 4 minutes.


Points of View (2014)

Instrumentation: solo harp/ piano, string quartet, bass and percussion. Length: 7 minutes.


Waves (2014)

Instrumentation: string quartet. Length: 5 minutes.



What’s for Breakfast? (2013)

Instrumentation: string quartet. Length: 3 minutes.


Manic Hope (2013)

Instrumentation: string quartet and double bass. Length: 3 minutes.


Tuning (2013)

Instrumentation: string quartet. Length: 3 minutes.


Bella (2013)

Instrumentation: string quartet. Length: 3 minutes.



Ironed Chorea (2012)

Instrumentation: violin and cello. Length: 3 minutes.