Jannum Kruidhof (1992) is an inventive composer with a tendency towards blending genres. His music has been described as classical with influences from jazz and pop/folk.

Jannum started his musical journey as an improvising violinist. He started writing music during an injury, and had lessons in composition with Guus Janssen, Hans Koolmees and Paul M. van Brugge. Both on a personal level and as a composer, Jannum is known to have lots of ideas combined with a pragmatic approach.

An important source of inspiration for Jannum is working with the musicians he’s been writing for. He’s had the pleasure to work with musicians and conductors such as Domestica Rotterdam, Esther Apituley, Marcel Worms, Heiko Dijker, Quinetique, Tango Aliado, Isolde Troost, Marieke Koster, Laurens de Boer,  Deborah Witteveen, Maria Martpay, Hessel Moeselaar, Mees Siderius, Wiek Hijmans, Emma Brown, Leonard Evers, Karin Dolman, Ursula Skaug and Veronika Lenartova.

In 2023, he graduated with honours in Jazz Composition (MA) at Codarts Conservatory, Rotterdam.



2010-2013 – Psychology, University of Leiden

2011-2016 – BA Music Education, Royal Conservatory of The hague

2014 – 2016 – Minor Classical Composition (with Guus Janssen), Royal Conservatory of The hague

2016-2017 – Contract Study Classical Composition (with Hans Koolmees), Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam

2017-2020 – Contract Study Jazz Composition (with Paul M. van Brugge), Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam

2020-2023 –  MA Jazz Composition (with Paul M. van Brugge), Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam