New composition for violist Esther Apituley – Première in New York!


After a very nice try-out during a house concert Esther played my piece ‘Ceci n’est pas musique’ during her short tour in New York. On Esther’s website you can find more info about this tour.

About the piece:

‘I wrote ‘Ceci n’est pas musique’ especially for violist Esther Apituley. I think Esther is a musician who really can bring the music to life. To really perform the music, telling something interesting to the audience. So I wanted to create something which might suprise her audience. But this sheet music would never surprise the audience. This sheet music wouldn’t surpise your ears. But I think her interpretation of the notes will…’

Collaborating with Esther was a great experience. Very soon I will post a live recording of the piece on this website!

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