New Composition for VanHoek ensemble!

‘Riff’s Don’t Lie’!

‘I love to play a riff on my guitar or violin: ‘the series of notes that is repeated’. You see riffs in genres like pop, rock and jazz. These riffs are often the basis of a song or tune. A famous example in pop music is Message in a Bottle by the Police. I find a lot of joy in playing such a riff. In classical music a motif or phrase that repeats is called an ostinato. A well-known example is the percussion part in Ravel’s Bolero. These riffs in pop music and ostinati in classical music are key elements in the composition. In that way an ostinato is comparable to a riff.

The main material for this composition was formed by improvising with my guitar and voice. I found a challenge in developing my riffs to write in a more narrative way.

I would like to thank my wife Manja, for her support and also composer Paul v Brugge for his feedback during the proces.’
– Jannum Kruidhof

(Photo by Stamatis Xanthoulis)

This piece is composed for VanHoek ensemble (see photo above): Merel van Hoek (guitar), David Bellido Herrero (violin),
Berber Heerema (violoncello), Alessio Calore (double bass) and Guillermo Martin Viana (drums).

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