IDFA 2017

Mooie dingen! Drie van mijn composities werden live uitgevoerd als muzikale omlijsting tijdens de IDFA Awards Night 2017 in de Rabozaal van Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. De stukken werden uitgevoerd door strijkkwartet Quinetique in samenwerking met tabla speler Heiko Dijker.

‘Bell Ringer Blues’ out on Marcel Worms’ latest album!

‘Bell Ringer Blues’ is on Marcel Worms’ CD ’20 Years of New Blues for Piano’!

The cd presentation was last sunday in Bimhuis, Amsterdam.

About Bell Ringer Blues:

‘After the ringing of a bell an easy-on-the-ear jazzy blues turns into a dramatic piece of music. Until this contrasting passage the musical motives sounded normally, thereafter they return in a more dissonant part with many restless runs. Likewise elements of our prosperous lives may seem normal until we are confronted with some drastic event. An event of life or death in our own or in someone elses life with which we can identify ourselves. Our existence can be put in a completely different perspective and elements we consider as normal suddenly form a sharp contrast with situations we didn’t know about before. For some people this can lead to a lasting dissatisfaction with their current existence.

This composition is dedicated to thriving Europe and to all people who lost a relative during their flight to Europe.”


You can listen the whole cd this week at ‘Plaatpaal’ of radio 4:



Daedalus & Icarus – ballade for pianist Isolde Troost

Last week I finished ‘Daedalus & Icarus’. This Piano Ballade was written especially for Isolde Troost, who needed a new piece that could fit into a program consisting of ballads and lyrical pieces. One of the main features of these pieces is the melancholic atmosphere, and the fact that it’s often associated with tragic events. Another feature of the pieces in this specific program was the use of a rhythmical motif associated with the rhythm of a heartbeat. With this in mind I searched for story full of tragedy, a story about life and death. This I found in the story of Daedalus and Icarus (by Ovid). Daedalus, who is held captive on an
island, invents a way to escape from his prison: he makes wings so he can fly away. Together with his son Icarus he tests the wings and finds out they work perfectly well. The only thing they have to keep in mind is that they shouldn’t fly too near the sun, because then the heat will damage the wings. Icarus thinks of flying as a nice game and doesn’t pay attentions to his fathers warnings. While enjoying himself in the air, the heat of the sun damages his wings and he falls down the sea. And so the joyful event of their escape and the hope of a free life ends in tragedy and death. This is the story that inspired me to write this ballad.


(‘the fall of Icarus’ by Brueghel)

isolde troost










(pianist Isolde Troost)

New composition for violist Esther Apituley – Première in New York!


After a very nice try-out during a house concert Esther played my piece ‘Ceci n’est pas musique’ during her short tour in New York. On Esther’s website you can find more info about this tour.

About the piece:

‘I wrote ‘Ceci n’est pas musique’ especially for violist Esther Apituley. I think Esther is a musician who really can bring the music to life. To really perform the music, telling something interesting to the audience. So I wanted to create something which might suprise her audience. But this sheet music would never surprise the audience. This sheet music wouldn’t surpise your ears. But I think her interpretation of the notes will…’

Collaborating with Esther was a great experience. Very soon I will post a live recording of the piece on this website!

Première ‘Vibes’ (violin solo, string orchestra & jazz winds), de Doelen Rotterdam

Vibes is an energetic and rhythmical/ jazzy composition, in which the solo violin and the jazz winds get the chance to show their improvisational skills. Hence the title Vibes: jazz and classical features come together to create new vibes. The thematic material is based on a composition I wrote in 2015 for violin and accordeon, which was meant to be performed at a wedding party. Since the orchestra has no rhythm section or percussion players, the string orchestra has to play a lot of rhythmical techniques and effects.



Derde deel vioolconcert begint vorm te krijgen!

Yeah! Het derde deel van mijn eerste vioolconcert begint vorm te krijgen!

Koop alvast hier via voordekunst je kaartje voor het concert op 25 juni, en zorg zo dat dit toffe project kan plaatsvinden:)


Songwriting met Paul Cherryseed

Gisteravond de tweede songwriting sessie gehad met Paul Cherryseed.  Super tof! Country en jazz gecombineerd in een nieuw liedje. We laten jullie binnenkort wat horen:)


Kinderliedjes en muziektheater!

Het script en de liedjes voor mijn muziektheater workshops/ voorstelling ‘Boas en Ruth’ zijn af! Het waren 11 liedjes geworden… dat zou veel te lang worden. Heb er 8 gekozen. Nu gaan spelen/ uitproberen en verder bijschaven:) Heb nog een week om alles uit mijn hoofd te leren…


Theater met Kidsclub Leiden Zuidwest

Even heel iets anders! Tussen het schrijven van het vioolconcert voor Manja door ben ik nu bezig met een kleine theatervoorstelling voor Kidsclub Leiden Zuidwest. (kinderen van 7-12). Het gaat over het verhaal van Boas en Ruth uit de bijbel. Het script heb ik deze week afgemaakt. Nu ben ik bij het leukste gedeelte aangekomen: de liedteksten op muziek zetten 🙂


Vioolconcert no 1. in de maak!

Mooi nieuws! Ik ben bezig met mijn eerste vioolconcert (voor orkest en solist) in opdracht van het BplusC Rapenburg Kamerorkest o.l.v Johan Top. 1 keer raden wie de solist is… PRECIES… Manja! Deel 1/3 (piano en viool versie) gisteren afgemaakt! Dat mag ook wel want de deadline voor de piano en viool versie is eind november al… en eind januari is de deadline voor de orkestratie… Lekker doorschrijven! Ik houd jullie op de hoogte;)

Schrijf alvast in je agenda: